Wednesday, 28 September 2011


What a beautifully designed space by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and his architecture firm, Studio MK27. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This modern home is subtle and in-obtrusive, yet a generous dwelling set over two floors, with landscaped gardens and courtyards that gently complements and add just that little bit of colour to an otherwise neutral palette.  

I love the trees growing out of the decked courtyard and how there is nothing obstructing the view through the living area and onto the next outdoor space.  The thoughtful placing of lighting throughout this project adds to the almost dreamlike ambience.
The master bedroom on the first floor extends outward to a wooden-decked solarium which overlook the courtyard on the ground floor.  Wooden sliding screens filter the light into the inner spaces and the windows open out to the courtyard down below.

The living room is enclosed in the boxed ground floor of this volume and wide windows open it to the external spaces. The inner dimensions of the living room 6.5m by 10.3m, and the low ceiling of 2.40m, create a sensation of coziness, accentuated by the texture of the concrete ceiling made with narrow wooden formwork. 

This is a space that I adore and a designer that I truly admire.

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